Tuesday 3 September 2013


September 8th 2013 at 7pm in Wychwood Library: 

An exploration of the boundaries between theism and atheism

by Reverend Andy Thayer, actor, musician, theologian, priest - and Texan!

Do join us. Andy is in the UK to work on a PhD on ecclesiology and Derrida at Mansfield College, Oxford. While he does so, we are lucky to have him as Associate Priest in the CHASE benefice (Chadlington, Ascott, Spelsbury, etc).  This talk arose out of a broader discussion of the subject matter of his thesis as well as the sort of issues which were being discussed at Wychwood Circle. 

Wychwood Circle is all about making sense of faith, breaking down barriers, exploring boundaries imposed by our education and culture, discussing spirituality, ethics and how we choose to live.  Six months on from our guest, Brian Mountford, who in March 2013 talked about the ideas developed in his book, Christian Atheist, this is a welcome return to the exploration of this particular boundary or set of boundaries.  We are an open forum, always glad to welcome anyone who cares to look in, pass on, or stay and contribute. 

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